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News & Events

7/5/2017 - Canada Day 2017 a Success

Canada Day 2017

Thanks to a few of our Board members, Pete & John for manning the Crime Stoppers display on Canada Day.

Many attended our booth, with all sorts of swag handed out. Thank you Campbell River for the fantastic turnout!

6/5/2017 - Things to consider over the summer

5/31/2017 - Protect your home from Break In`s...

With the hotter weather upon us, it`s nice to open our windows and let the breeze work through our homes. Just a reminder that when leaving your home, make the effort to close / lock all your doors & windows as open window screens make it a very easy access point for criminals to get into your home. Yes, it may get a little warm inside your home as a result, but think about what you chance losing & having to replace should a break in occur!

There are many tips we can offer, but Crime Stoppers wanted to make this a quick & simple message which everybody can adopt and hopefully lessen some of the break in`s that occur within the Campbell River region.

5/30/2017 - Bicycle Theft Prevention

With the onset of spring & into summer, we all enjoy getting out for a bike ride. Though there are several methods to secure bicycles to help prevent becoming a victim of theft, here are a few very basic things to consider:

ALWAYS lock your bike up with a quality lock which would make it more difficult for somebody to steal. Many of the bicycles stolen are unfortunately left unlocked & facilitate a quick grab by thieves. Take the time to lock it up even if running into a store etc for a few minutes.

If your bike isn`t an easy target, thieves will quite often move on to another bicycle that`s easier to steal.

Take photos of your bike & record serial numbers so that in the event it is stolen, police can more readily trace it back to it`s owner if it`s located.

If we work together to combat theft, we as a community become more proactive & can help minimize such events from occurring.


5/30/2017 - Thefts From Vehicle`s - Don`t make it an easy target!!!

Just a reminder to remove valuables from vehicles if at all possible but if you choose to leave them inside, at the very least keep them out of sight / hidden & lock your vehicle!

Yes thieves will break windows from time to time if they see some really good items inside worth stealing, however many vehicles are left unlocked and are quick to be rummaged through for any goodies.

When going to a park, dog walk area or trails, try to just grab your license and keys when heading out & leave valuables at home. These parking areas can be easy targets & even though owners sometimes lock their valuables in trunks / out of sight, thieves occasionally see the items being locked up. Be aware of your surroundings while you park & leave your vehicles.

Target harden by taking some of these basic steps in being proactive to prevent theft from auto`s.

5/23/2017 - Crime Prevention Tips

5/15/2017 - Thank You!

Campbell River Crime Stoppers would like to thank and recognize Capital Power & The Kinsmen Club of Campbell River for their past & present financial contributions!

The sponsorship has enabled the Crime Stoppers program to thrive in the Campbell River area and we very much appreciate their continued support.

Once again, Thank You!


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